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About Veil Artistry

Founded by Barbara Hoffman, Veil Artistry was established to offer brides more selection and choices of exquisite bridal veils and headpieces. With over 15 years experience making veils, headpieces, bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal accessories, Barbara is uniquely qualified to bring her talents to you.

Barbara began sewing as a child and made her first formal dress, a lilac brocade gown, at the age of 14. The gown was selected as a winner in a local sewing contest and focused Barbara on a fashion career. She obtained a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati and worked in the garment industry for 11 years as both a designer and patternmaker. Along the way, Barbara also earned an MBA and moved into a marketing career gaining the business experience necessary to organize and operate her company.

Research showed her that many brides are dissatisfied with the veils and headpieces found in retail stores and want something unique and special that is all their own. As a result, Barbara decided to focus her energies on the creation of heirloom quality veils and headpieces and formed her design studio. Initially offering only custom-designed and custom-made veils and headpieces on a consultation basis in Ohio, Veil Artistry has now expanded to the web to offer brides throughout the United States this same wide range of choices.

One bride's experience expresses the Veil Artistry philosophy. A bridal client recently commented that her married friend had counseled her to devote more time and attention to the selection of her bridal headwear. Her friend had not done so and only in hindsight realized that the veil and headpiece are more than
just an accessory for the following reasons:

At Veil Artistry, our hallmark is creating bridal millinery that is a wearable work of art that makes every bride feel exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day!